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현재 버전 <- 수정 . . . . 2004-12-25 1:04 pm 수정한 사람: Nyxity
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--- data/temp/old_diff Sat Dec 25 22:04:21 2004 +++ data/temp/new_diff Sat Dec 25 22:04:21 2004 @@ -1,82 +1,205 @@ +Nikon 주최 Small World Competition(현미경사진) 의 2003년 수상작들 (1등 ~ 20등) +http://www.nikonsmallworld.com/ +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/1st2003large.jpg \\ +생쥐의 근육섬유세포 단백질 (1천배) \\ +First Place, 2003 Competition Dr. Torsten Wittmann \\ +The Scripps Research Institute La Jolla, California, USA \\ +Filamentous actin and microtubules (structural proteins) in mouse fibroblasts (cells) (1000x) Fluorescence - [http://final-page.nm.ru/christmas.htm CHRISTMAS PRESENT] FOR YOU! [http://final-page.nm.ru/christmas.htm CHRISTMAS PRESENT] FOR YOU! [http://final-page.nm.ru/christmas.htm CHRISTMAS PRESENT] FOR YOU! 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Deerinck\\ +National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research\\ +University of California at San Diego\\ +La Jolla, California, USA\\ +Stained rat brain section (600x)\\ +Fluorescence + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/5th2003large.jpg \\ +쥐의 정자 (100배)\\ +Fifth Place, 2003 Competition Vanesa Y. Rawe\\ +Pittsburgh Development Center, MWRI, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine\\ +Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA\\ +Mouse spermatozoa (100x)\\ +Fluorescence + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/6th2003large.jpg \\ +Homopolymer blend dewetting on patterned surfaces (200배)\\ +Sixth Place, 2003 Competition Linda M. Strzegowski\\ +Materials Research Science and Engineering Center\\ +Amherst, Massachusetts, USA\\ +Homopolymer blend dewetting on patterned surfaces (200x)\\ +Brightfield + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/7th2003large.jpg \\ +애기장대 잎 표피의 털세포 (600배)\\ +Seventh Place, 2003 Competition Dr. John Runions\\ +Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge\\ +Cambridge, UK\\ +Trichome (hair cell) of the leaf epidermis of Arabidopsis (600x)\\ +Confocal + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/8th2003large.jpg \\ +식물에 기생하는 선충의 일종 (630배) \\ +Eighth Place, 2003 Competition Dr. Jonathan D. Eisenback \\ +Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University\\ +Blacksburg, Virginia, USA\\ +Dorylaim sp., a plant-parasitic nematode (worm) (630x)\\ +Differential interference contrast + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/9th2003large.jpg \\ +핵분열중인 상피 세포 (100배)\\ +Ninth Place, 2003 Competition Nasser M. Rusan\\ +Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts\\ +Amherst, Massachusetts, USA\\ +Epithelial cell in anaphase (stage of cell division) (100x)\\ +Confocal + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/10th2003large.jpg \\ +고분자 라텍스의 표면 (100배)\\ +Tenth Place, 2003 Competition Alice C. Kilgo\\ +Sandia National Laboratories\\ +Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA\\ +Monodisperse latex spheres (100x)\\ +Brightfield + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/11th2003large.jpg \\ +마이크로칩(스위치 콘트롤러) (8배)\\ +Eleventh Place, 2003 Competition Ron Oldfield\\ +Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University\\ +Sydney, Australia\\ +Microchip (switch controller) (8x)\\ +Brightfield + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/12th2003large.jpg \\ +아세트알데하이드와 카본 테트라브로마이드의 결정 (7배) \\ +Twelfth Place, 2003 Competition John E. Hart\\ +Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado\\ +Boulder, Colorado, USA\\ +Crystallized acetaldehyde and carbon tetrabromide (7x)\\ +Polarized light + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/13th2003large.jpg \\ +인간의 심장 세포 (126배)\\ +Thirteenth Place, 2003 Competition Dr. Louise A. Aquila-Pastir\\ +Cleveland Clinic Foundation\\ +Cleveland, Ohio, USA\\ +Human cardiac myocytes (heart muscle cells) (126x)\\ +Confocal + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/14th2003large.jpg \\ +쥐의 뇌세포 (1400배)\\ +Fourteenth Place, 2003 Competition Jakob Jankowski\\ +Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Bonn\\ +Bonn, Germany\\ +Mouse Purkinje (brain) cells (1400x)\\ +Differential interference contrast + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/15th2003large.jpg \\ +티타늄 카바이드 결정의 표면 (64배)\\ +Fifteenth Place, 2003 Competition Dr. Lynn A. Boatner and Hu F. Longmire\\ +Oak Ridge National Laboratory\\ +Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA\\ +Surface of titanium carbide crystal (64x)\\ +Differential interference contrast + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/16th2003large.jpg \\ +얇은 구리 필름의 표면 (100배)\\ +Sixteenth Place, 2003 Competition Megan J. Cordill\\ +Washington State University\\ +Cheney, Washington, USA\\ +Thin copper film surface (100x)\\ +Brightfield + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/17th2003large.jpg \\ +극미(極微) 규조류의 일종 (800배)\\ +Seventeenth Place, 2003 Competition Peter Webber\\ +Planapo Optical\\ +Kavala, Greece\\ +Arachnoidiscus sp diatom (microscopic algae) (800x)\\ +Differential interference contrast + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/18th2003large.jpg \\ +옥살산과 MSG의 결정 (25배)\\ +Eighteenth Place, 2003 Competition Dr. Eli Finkelstein\\ +Edison, New Jersey, USA\\ +Crystallized oxalic acid and monosodium glutamate (MSG) (25x)\\ +Oblique illumination, darkfield, and polarized light + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/19th2003large.jpg \\ +눈송이 (35배)\\ +Ninteenth Place, 2003 Competition Edward Kinsman\\ +Kinsman Physics Productions\\ +Rochester, New York, USA\\ +Snowflake (35x)\\ +Fiber optic illumination + + + +http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/contests/2003/images/20th2003large.jpg \\ +가성소다 결정, 망초, D76(광화학물질) (40배)\\ +Twentieth Place, 2003 Competition Loes Modderman\\ +Science Art\\ +Nijmegen, The Netherlands\\ +Crystallized caustic soda (cleaning agent), Glauber's salt (multi-purpose chemical), and D76 (aphotochemical) (40x)\\ +Polarized light +---- +See also http://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/gallery/index.html +---- +[[사진분류]] | [[추억분류]]